Multiple Choice Tests: How to Create, Organize and Print Right from Your Browser

SmartGrade team
3 min readJul 26, 2020


Over a year ago, we announced the release of SmartGrade because we believe in saving teachers’ time. We believe in automation and in making repetitive tasks easier and faster, so educators can focus on the valuable stuff — educating. Since then, teachers have been using our app to save up time and energy when grading multiple choice tests.

We are now proud to take our vision one step further and announce the release of Exam Creator, a free web-based tool for helping educators create multiple choice tests. In this post, we go over some of the features of Exam Creator, and we hope you will join us for the ride.

Reuse and reorganize questions — the smart way.

All of us who have ever used Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create a test know how difficult it is to manage questions inventory and print layout. Exam Creator takes the pain away from copy-pasting and enables easy search and reuse of existing questions. Drag-and-dropping individual questions in a test makes reordering a breeze.

Rich Text and Math Typesetting

Adding images, quotes and rich text makes for expressive, engaging questions. These formatting blocks are readily available through our clutter free rich text editor.

We are particularly proud of having powerful mathematical formula typesetting built right into the editor. In math editing mode, the editor is powered by LaTeX, and it produces beautiful math formulas and chemical equations right from your browser.

Exam Creator understands LaTeX for rich math typesetting

Add, organize, print.

Preparing the test layout printing is another time sink we aimed to eradicate. Once the questions are added and ordered, getting a formatted PDF is a one click job. If you decide to change the questions or their order, getting a fresh new PDF is just as easy.

Get Started — It’s 100% Free!

You can start using Exam Creator right away. Click here and take it for a spin!

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